4 August 2014

Recommended Resource - Natural Super Kids


As I type this post I am home with my sick Master 2 years on what was supposed to be a work day. 

Another runny nose, yet another croupy cough, maybe even another ear or chest infection brewing. While he's no more snotty than most of the other kids at the Early Learning Centre he attends twice a week, my five years of motherhood experience has taught me that it's best to keep him home so he can rest and recover sooner, rather than packing him off and his cold turning into something more sinister.

As for the work I was supposed to get done today, it will get finished later this evening, when I should be sleeping and resting myself. Such is the life of a working parent.

Like me, are you tired of trips to the doctor with your sick kids?

Are you sick of losing work days and letting people down simply because the bug that just happened to be going through the playgroups and child care centres in town chose your child to infect?

Perhaps you're frustrated with your child’s behaviour or are simply confused about what you should be feeding your kids. After all, it's a rare parent who isn't weary from their child's fussy eating habits (despite your chickens or dog reaping the benefits of the food you're tossing).

If any of this sounds like you, I have some great news!

My friend and Naturopath Jessica Donovan has just opened the virtual doors to her AMAZING new program NATURAL SUPER KIDS, a 6 week online program to help parents nourish their kids and boost their health. You can check it out here.

Jessica is super passionate about using nutrition and lifestyle changes to help overcome health issues in kids which is exactly why she created the Natural Super Kids ecourse!

Natural Super Kids covers behavior issues, eczema, digestive problems, boosting the immune system and more. It is jam packed full of videos, audios, expert interviews, recipes, fact sheets, checklists all for a tiny price of $195 + GST. Note this price is a very special launch price and will never be repeated.

Plus, if you join before 8pm Monday 4th August you will receive an early bird bonus bundle worth $118 for FREE. Check it out here.

Your children’s wellbeing (and your sanity) is way too important to miss this!!!

P.S. I only ever recommend programs and products I truly believe in. Natural Super Kids is a no-brainer - especially for the special launching price of a $195 + GST. I am personally signing up as despite prioritising an organic, clean diet for my family I know I still have heaps to learn and I don't want my kids suffering more than they need to every winter. After listening to Jessica chat for just an hour in her webinar last week I know she will give me the info I need to ensure days like today happen but once in a blue moon.

Click here to see all of the details and exactly what’s included. Note I do receive a small commission for recommending Natural Super Kids however this isn't the reason I am sharing the course with you. I truly believe Jessica can help you help your children to achieve optimum health.


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