6 August 2014

July Eco Challenge Winner: Live with Less!


For the month of July, we asked our Eco Challenge community to de-clutter and live with less. Our Eco Challenge winner, Carolyne Bird, did just that. Read Carolyne's winning story here:
This past month I’ve tried to put at least one thing aside each week to give away, and focused on a different area to de-clutter when I had some time (wardrobe, sewing basket, bookshelf…). I have made some progress, but there’s still so much stuff in my house!

Some clothes went to the Salvos and Vinnie's, some to a local church collecting warm clothes for women coming to Adelaide from a Christmas Island detention centre to give birth, and some are in a bag to try to sell (and giveaway if that doesn’t happen). Some other clothes, books and baby items were listed on TuShare and have been or are waiting to be shared with people across Australia. I also have some things aside to list on Freecycle.
The following example of living with less might fit better with last month’s Ecotaining challenge, but it’s meant a few more things I had are being used and moving out the door:  Old and broken crayons (some from my primary school days – at least 24 years ago!) have been re-crafted into letter crayon party favours, along with some of my sticker stash, for my son’s first birthday this weekend. Old magazine pages have been used as ‘party bags’ with recycled envelope labels (see photos). 

In an effort to reduce the amount of paper I have, I’ve been scanning or photographing craft ideas, recipes and other inspirational things I see in books instead of photocopying, but my electronic files probably need a de-clutter too. I did, however, go through and delete old bookmarks in my web browser in July.
This eco challenge has come in the same month as I started back at work half-time after maternity leave, so my emails and electronic files there need a culling and clean out too, although I haven’t managed that task yet.

I have had best success this month with living with less fossil fuel-burning transport. I’ve been walking more than previously – to the local supermarket (5 km round trip), greengrocer and library; and riding with bubs to playgroup, meetings and appointments in the city centre, and other places a bit further afield.

Although juggling work and home life has been a challenge in itself this past month, I am determined to continue trying to live with less in the following ways:

  • keep putting unused/unwanted things aside weekly to donate to charity or pass on to friends who might use them
  • have at least two ‘Buy Nothing New’ months per year
  • target a specific area in my home to de-clutter when I have spare time.

Wish me luck! Carolyne

Congratulations to Carolyne for sharing such practical tips for living with less. Your ecotaining party favours were eco inspirational as well! For your efforts, you have won a place on the Clutter Rescue 28 Day Organising Boot Camp. Enjoy and be sure to keep us updated with further results!

Thank you to Clutter Rescue for sponsoring the July Live with Less Eco Challenge.  If you would like to sponsor future Sustainababy Eco Challenges and introduce your product or brand to our large following of eco parents, please contact info@sustainababy.com.au

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