11 August 2011

ergoCocoon and ergoPouch natural sleep solutions

By: Laura Trotta

I must admit that I was one of the extremely lucky first time mothers who had a settled baby right from day one. Rather than spend hours each day pacing the house trying to soothe a crying baby to sleep, we had the opposite problem - a very sleepy baby who wouldn't wake for feeds and who would fall asleep part way during feeds! While this caused some initial milk supply issues, we were able to get enough sleep to function through the haze of life with a newborn.

Some of my close friends haven't been so fortunate and after months of little sleep for both parents and baby, have gone to sleep school in hope of a solution. Alina Sack, founder of ergoPouch found herself in this position but when sleep school didn't solve her son's sleep issues, she took matters into her own hands.

Combining her experience in textile design, along with her desperation to find a sleep solution, she designed the ergoPouch sleeping bag. It worked! Her son could move around the cot without getting tangled and would self settle when he did wake.

Over time, the ergoPouch range has expanded and now boasts a wide selection of baby wraps and sleeping bags which can be purchased at Sustainababy. We love that the ergoCocoon Zip Up Baby Swaddle Sleepbag gives swaddled newborns the option to have their hands in or out and that the wide selection of sleep bags suits the different climates around Australia.

Not only are the ergoPouch designs spot on the mark (ergoPouch are a finalist in the product innovation category of this years' AusMumpreneur Awards), but they are made from eco-friendly fibres such as bamboo and organic cotton to provide the purest sleep environment possible. And with prices starting at $29.95, the gift of sleep is within the average family budget.




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