16 April 2014

March Eco Challenge WINNER

Kristen Woodley completed the Sustainababy March Tupperware FOOD WASTE STINKS Eco Challenge and actively reduced her family's food waste throughout the month of March. Kristen’s winning submission is detailed below….

We’ve been trying to live more sustainably for the last 18 months. The Sustainababy Food Waste Stinks Eco Challenge helped me to refocus a little!

Throughout the month of March we made an effort to reduce our food waste by doing the following:

Before going to the market, I checked our food supplies and adjusted my purchases to reflect what we’re using, as well as taking into account what we still had on hand. Each week, after I’ve been to the market, I rotate the fruit and veg, to ensure that we’re eating the older produce first.

When we’ve had an excess of fresh fruit and veg, I’ve either frozen or preserved it. Frozen fruit is later used in either: baking, smoothies, sorbet or jam. Preserved fruit can be used later in the year in pies, mixed with yoghurt, or on top of cereal.

We have an apple tree that gives us a great crop. I stew these and preserve them for later use. I’ve already used some of these apples to make both tomato ketchup and strawberry and apple jam in the past month. We chop up excess capsicum and freeze it, and use it later in our cooking. Cucumbers are turned into bread & butter pickles, tomatoes into relish or sauce. Broccoli stems are chopped up and frozen, to be later used in stock. Preserves or jams are used throughout the year or given as gifts.

In the last few weeks, I’ve been trying to adjust the volume of food I eat. I always seem to compare what I eat with my husband – and I just don’t need to eat that much. We’re also trying to have at least one meat free meal a week too.

We have a three container waste system for our food scraps – one for the chooks, one for the worms, and the other for roadside green waste collection. Basically, the only thing that goes into the green waste is citrus, bones and egg shells. We can also put paper towel and serviettes into the green waste. This is all made into compost instead of going to landfill. Things like coffee grinds, tea bags, banana peels, avocado skins and stones go to the worms, as the chooks don’t eat these. Our dog also gets some of our food scraps, and then I adjust her ‘dog food’ accordingly to ensure that she is not over fed too.
I’ve started to use a food wrap on our avocados and it’s keeping them from going brown. Plus we’re no longer using glad wrap to store them in the fridge.

Any leftover slices of bread/crusts that have gone a little dry are processed into breadcrumbs and frozen for later use and leftover cream is converted into butter & buttermilk, and frozen until it’s ready to be used.

Of course, I store the fruit n veg in the Tupperware containers that I have in the fridge, using fridgesmarts, and the original celery keeper. There’s Tupperware all throughout my pantry too to help maximise the shelf life of food.

Congratulations Kristen! You are a very deserving winner of the Food Waste Stinks Eco Challenge and for your ecoceptional efforts you have won a Tupperware VentSmart prize pack valued at $235.

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