18 April 2012

Eco-Craft Idea - Recycled Collage

By: Laura Trotta (BEng(Environmental, MSc (Environmental Chemistry))

Turn old cards and clothing into green craft materials and watch your child enjoy making their unique recycled collage

Children love gluing and sticking but art materials can add up over time and clutter your home unnecessarily. Turning items around the home such as greeting cards, magazines and old clothes into green craft materials makes both monetary and environmental sense!

Recently I cut out pictures from my son's 2nd year birthday cards, added them to material from some old bras, and watched him create a colourful recycled collage on the back of some recycled cardboard. Gravitating to the colourful pictures (and away from the pretty material), he created quite the eco masterpiece!

Note: the older child will delight in carefully cutting the pictures out themselves under supervision.


About the Author: Laura Trotta (BEng (Environmental), MSc (Environmental Chemistry)) is an eco mum, environmental engineer and founder of Sustainababy. She lives in regional South Australia with her husband Paul and son Matthew.

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